Saturday, June 4, 2011

And so it begins...

Greetings blog readers.  So I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with a name for this blog.  I can’t think of anything cool like Cake Wrecks and the things I think of are either taken or feel too narrow.  Or maybe I’m being picky about the whole thing because it’s a way for me to hide in my shell a little longer, hoarding my ideas and guarding my creations from the horrible, harsh world we all live in.  Oh you’re not harsh?  I’ll remember that when you get to taste one of the recipes that doesn’t turn out so good.

I love to create.  Give me fabric and I will cut, pin, and sew and give you a blanket.  Give me eggs and I will make you a cake.  Give me pictures and I will craft you a scrapbook.  Give me yarn and I will crochet you a hat.  I don’t want anything that sounds stupid like Virginia’s Crafts or Ginny’s Kitchen.  Come on, I’m way more creative than that.  But I’ve always had a problem with showing the world what I do, and especially in writing (good thing a picture’s worth a thousand words, eh?).  Don’t ask me why I was a writing major when I hated showing others my work in workshops and wasn’t all that thrilled about presenting my senior project to a room full of people who would be honed in not on my content, but rather the text.  I’m not sure why my love for creation stops just short of words with pictures, food, and fabric.  I have no problem expressing my thoughts and ideas verbally (my poor co-workers, sister-in-law and boyfriend all heard about an awesome quilt pattern I found three days in a row now), but when I write it feels so much more permanent, and that scares me.  I’m hoping that through this blog not only will I share my creations with others, but grow in both ability and confidence as a writer as I tell you about my success and frustrations in crafting.  We’ll laugh, we’ll cry (oh too cliché?) You’ll laugh while I cry?  That’s a possibility for sure.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen for your sake and mine.  And my poor family’s.

I hope to become comfortable with the fact that writing is like all of the other creating I do.  It is like baking- sometimes it might not turn out just right, but usually no one notices if you messed it up a little.  It is like sewing- taking many pieces and putting them together one at a time (and sometimes requires a little tearing apart).  It is like scrapbooking- combining items from different places and different experiences into a cohesive album through a number of techniques.  I hope that this writing will help to put my writing skills into a perfectly Crafted Context.

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