Sunday, January 15, 2012

12 for 2012

Like everyone else, I'm in the mood to set goals for 2012. (As much as I'd love to set a crafty goal to complete every week, that would require at least another three hours to the day, every day, all year.) So...I'm going to try to be realistic and set 12 goals for 2012.

1. Make super secret belated Christmas/birthday gift for a friend. (Sorry, it's not even started and I think that on occasion they read this so I'm leaving you with a cliffhanger.) [Update: project is finished!]

2. Finish the quilt for my boyfriend (meant for last August-so I'm really not one for getting things done in a reasonable time frame. Apparently this should be another goal to work on for 2012...)

3. Make caramel corn.  Accomplishing this task will be my greatest accomplishment in 2012, as I've ruined every batch of caramel I've tried to make.
Bacon and Cashew Caramel Corn

4. Super secret Christmas gift for someone this coming year (yeah, sorry, on number 4 and two of them are secrets. Clearly I've hijacked this list and it's for me. You're just reading it to hold me accountable. Granted "super secret Christmas gift" could mean that if I don't finish it, I could tell you "oh hey look I glued this picture to this piece of paper. Isn't it sweet?" Don't worry, I've already shared the details with Tall Girl. She will hold me accountable. And judge me for you if I don't follow through. She won't disappoint.)

5. Shadow boxes featuring stuff from my great grandma's quilting trunk. (Amazingness and awe to follow)

6. Get better at knitting to knit something way more exciting than wash rags and scarfs. Hat? Maybe socks? (errrr...let's not get too ambitious with socks.....maybe that will be 2013. or 2014.) [Finished hat!]

7. Make awesome folded fabric ornaments (notice most of my stuff pertains to Christmas...plenty of time to procrastinate...uh...prepare...)

folded fabric star ornament
Cute, no?

8. Make melted crayon art.

9. Improve my calligraphy. Okay, fine, learn calligraphy. Right now I just write really kinda nice with a pen designed for calligraphy.

10. Ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I'm thinking red velvet right now. But I also really need to satisfy my quest for the most perfect coconut ice cream recipe. Maybe this should be moved to number one. Coconut ice cream is that amazing. [Update: Red Velvet ice cream is amazing!]

11. Home decor project. What? I'm not sure yet. Hopefully I'll be able to move out this year and who knows what I'll need. I'm hoping to maybe find a piece of needed furniture at a garage sale and refinish it or something.

12. Project with my nieces. There are so many options out there I just don't know which to choose. Another to be announced project then. (I can't divulge details lest their gaming parents and computer programmig father decide I'm a bad influence, urging them to be too girly or something) There may be several of these. I just can't help it that these girls are just so cute and fun!

This is from about a year ago, but she only got cuter.  Hard to imagine, right?

And I knew once I really got started with this list I'd end up with a million other ideas so here are some other projects I'd like to do sometime:
New jellies/jams
Make a tshirt quilt from old high school shirts

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